wienie's people

Insert SFSF's where required  ;^)


  RoadRage              GoodBuddy(tm) Bob Creasy's lame! lame! lame! lame! lame! lame! home page
  Ranier Bemsel        My good  Bavarian buddy.  (Has alot of Xylan tech info here)

  Howeird                 Howard Stateman.  No way I can even begin to explain Howeird. (I stole the porn button from Howeird)

  JW                          My friend John Williams.  Need an opinion?  JW's got 'em all.

  Andrzej                  Andrzej Taramina.  Damn Canadians!

  Midnight Mike         My old  friend, Bluesman Mike Grimaldi (a red headed PRAAAAAK!)

  Empress Lara          Lara Fabans.  Still procrastinating.......

  El Gato                    Scott Thomas MacQuarrie.  Another damned Canadian!

  Danamania             Dana Taramina.   Canadian wannabe.

  Sparky                     Judy Fearn's MITM pic's.

  Papaboop              Michael's Harley page.

  Charlie                    Charlie Smith's page

  Stroker Ray             See Ray with hair!

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