I've been at "the company formarly known as Newbridge Networks, UB Networks Division of Tandem Computers, UB Networks, Ungermann-Bass", now Alcatel since Feb 1985, holding a variety of postions, from Field Engineer, Regional Network Specialist, Project Manager, 2nd and 3rd Level Technical Support, and  80x86 asm/C/SQL programmer.

Before that, I spent six years working on mainframes, mini's, tape drives, and printers for Nixdorf Computer (now Siemens Nixdorf) and before that I was a Crypto Technician in the Air Force, well, actually the Missouri Air National Guard (157 TCF, now the 121 ACS). Same same, just less active duty, and less (read no) benefits.

My wife Paula and I moved to San Jose, CA in June of 1992, where I was the Team Lead of the Network Management Group in 2LS, supporting Newbridge's HP OpenView based and proprietary Network Management Products on HP-UX, Solaris, NT, and OS/2 platforms.

We moved back to St. Louis, MO (our hometown) in September of 1999, where I'm doing new product trials for the Carrier Internetworking Division of Alcatel (who bought Newbridge in May, 2000), primarily still Network Management (yes, I'm a UNIX bigot!), but doing alot of ATM backbone and wireless LMDS networks. Fun stuff.

Some of my hobbies are riding my Harley, collecting/restoring old military firearms, target rifle and pistol shooting, zoning out at the beach, and collecting Three Stooges paraphenelia, shorts, and trivia.