wienie's Delta Force Server Info
For the Novaworld DF1 Game "UB SNIPERS"
(Operating sporadically since 1998)
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Please note that this is a SNIPER game.

NO  AUTOMATIC / BURST FIRE  ( That means NO SAW, NO M4, NO MP5 ),  NO CLAYMOREs,  NO TRAINERS,  NO CHEATS  of any kind will be tolerated.  

LOOK:  NO M4.    I don't care if it's on semi or not.    It is an advantage over an M40, so NO M4!

The OCCASIONAL LAW or Hand Grenade is acceptable.  

Follow these simple rules or I will permanently ban your dumb ass from the game with no warning, trust me.

Suggested weapons are Barrett .50 or the M40.  

You should also download and install the latest DF1 update.  It is available here.

I'm considering making Saturday nights a free-for-all night.  Same maps, but anything goes, except cheats.  Email your comments.

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