A place for Ex-Air Force Crypto Weenies

wienie is moderator of a yahoo groups mailing list for Ex Air Force Crypto persons.

The idea was to have a place where we could tell tales (lies) about the good old days, get help finding old friends, and maybe put together a reunion.

It's still a fairly small group, but growing daily.

There are some pictures from tech school at Lackland and even links to pictures of some of the old gear.  I'm hoping that you will have more pictures, more stories, and have kept in touch will more Ex-Crypto folks that you can pass this on to.

Go to AFCrypto for more info or to sign up.    Membership is open to anyone who attended the Crypto School at Lackland AFB, TX.

We're also a part of the USAFSS Web Ring.   Go take a look:





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